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[d] [g] [z] + 母音 = つながる
[d] [g] [z]のにごる音は、その後に母音が続くと2つの単語が結びついて1つの音に聞こえてしまいます。"good idea"は、「グダイディァ」と聞こえます。

A: This bag is too heavy. I'm tired of carrying it. Let's find a locker.
B: Good idea. My knees are aching.
A: Maybe we could ask that man if he knows a place.

Visit the U.S.A. 「機内アナウンス」
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached cruising altitude and in a few minutes we will be serving a beverage and a light snack. Please feel free to move about, but when seated, keep your seatbelts fastened at all times.

[t] [p] [s] [k] + 母音 = つながる
[t] [p] [s] [k]のにごらない音は、その後に母音が続くと2つの単語が結びついて1つの音に聞こえてしまいます。"got it"は、「ガティ」と聞こえます。

A: Tell me what to do, but keep it simple.
B: OK, first, select a ticket. See the transfer ticket emblem? Press it.
A: I got it... Now do I put in my money? Or should I make another selection first?

Visit the U.S.A. 「フロントの説明」
The key card is easy to use. Just swipe it through the slot on the door lock. The lights above the slot should turn green at once. If the door doesn't open, don't force it. once. If the door doesn't open, don't force it. Simply start over. Yet most people make it on the first try.

[r] [l] + 母音 = つながる
[r] [l]は、その後に母音が続くと2つの単語が結びついて1つの音に聞こえてしまいます。"figure it"は、「フィギャリ」と聞こえます。

A: How many stops before our station? Do you know?
B: I can't quite figure it out on the map. All I can say is it's four or five. Excuse me, do you happen to know where...
A: That girl by the door is reading an English novel. Let's ask if she knows reading an English novel. Let's ask if she knows.

Visit the U.S.A. 「留守番電話のメッセージ」
This is Allan. Can you come for dinner at six instead of seven? I'll arrange for a cab to pick you up an hour earlier. Let's meet at the same place on the second floor of the mall. Give me a call if there's any problem with the time.

[n] [m] + 母音 = つながる
[n] [m]は、その後に母音が続くと2つの単語が結びついて1つの音に聞こえてしまいます。"join us"は、「ジョイナス」と聞こえます。

A: This doesn't look as good as the one in the window.
B: Oh, I bet it tastes better than it looks. And listen to the people slurping! It's as if they'resaying, "Join us."
A: But they can eat with chopsticks. I can only join them if I get a fork. I can't begin without one.

Visit the U.S.A. 「天気予報」
The morning sun should burn off the current fog cover and it should turn out to be a pretty nice day. It might not be as warm as yesterday, but expect a high in the low 80's. Tune in at noon and six p.m. for full weather updates.

[t] [p] [n]など + 母音… + [t] [p] [n]など + 母音 = つながる
"not at all"は、notとat、atとallがつながって、「ナタトー」と聞こえます。

A: I used to eat out a lot, but nowadays not at all.
B: Why not? Too busy to step out of your office?
A: No, I've been put on a diet by my doctor. I'm eating less.

Visit the U.S.A. 「ツアーガイド」
On our left we will soon see the Washington Monument. And on our right will be the Lincoln Memorial. We will get out of the bus here for a little sightseeing. But be sure to come back in an hour. We won't have a lot of time. So please hurry.

[k] + [k] 、 [d] + [d] 、 [t] + [t] 、 [p] + [p] = 前の音が消える
単語の最後の音が[k]で、次の単語の最初の音が同じ[k]の場合、前の[k]が消えます。"take care"は、一瞬ポーズが空き、「テイ・ケア」と聞こえます。

A: I could do with a drink. Do you wanna get together for a nightcap?
B: No, I've spent too much today already. Besides, tomorrow I've gotta check out right after breakfast.
A: C'mon. I know a cheap pub close by. And I'll take care to get you back early.

Visit the U.S.A. 「テレビのコマーシャル」
The hot, humid days of summer are here and so are mosquitoes! But this summer keep pests away with the new Bug Gone Insect Trap. Bug Gone uses the latest technology to rid your yard of insects that could destroy your best summer plans.

[k] + [g] 、 [t] + [d] 、 [p] + [b] = 前の音が消える
単語の最後の音が[k]で、次の単語の最初の音が[k]と似た[g]の場合、前の[k]が消えます。"look good"は、一瞬ポーズが空き、「ル・グ」と聞こえます。

A: You wanna play squash? The court downstairs is open.
B: No, I'm dead tired. I just wanna sit down and rest.
A: Aw, c'mon. You can't get in shape by sitting around. If you wanna look good, you've gotta work at it. No pain, no gain!

Visit the U.S.A. 「店内アナウンス」
Attention, shoppers! Sale items for the next ten minutes include tomatoes, hot dogs, fig cookies, Mr. Happy Yogurt Drink, and rhubarb pie. Any of these items purchased in the allotted time will receive a twenty percent discount. Keep listening for even more top bargains here at City Supermarket!

文末の [b] [g] [d] は消える

A: I wonder how much this is. It doesn't have a price tag. Let's ask the clerk.
B: But how much can you afford? It looks very high-priced.
A: Well, it doesn't cost to ask. And maybe she'll lower the price. Isn't that her job? To make customers happy?

Visit the U.S.A. 「園内のアナウンス」
Please be aware you will get wet on this ride. The passenger tubes will be squirted with water cannons at every turn and all vessels will be soaked. There is also a large water slide on the last leg. Personal belongings may be stored on shore or in waterproof pouches located on each tube.

文末の [p] [k] [t] は消える

A: I keep getting pain in my lower back. Often when I sleep.
B: Oh, I've had the same thing. You should sleep on your stomach. That'll help.
A: I've tried that. It doesn't work. Maybe I should go get a checkup.

Visit the U.S.A. 「接客係の説明」
You're on a diet? Then I would recommend our Lady's Set. It consists of a Caesar salad and oyster soup. Or you might try our Seafood Plate. It's a combination of the fish of the day served with eggplant. Today's fish of the day is haddock.
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